Institutional shareholders

ACE Management

ACE Management

ACE Management manages seven investment funds representing approximately € 300 million in capital on behalf of purchasers of industrial and financial leaders such as:

  • EADS, Airbus,
  • Thales, Safran, DCNS, CEA,
  • Areva,
  • Caisse des Dépôts, France Investissement, Fonds de Solidarite des Travailleurs du Quebec (FSTQ), Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, CIC or AXA.

ACE Management covers a wide spectrum of activities:

  • Venture capital
  • Development capital
  • Buyout Leverage (LBO) financing
  • Industrial spin-offs of financing building operations (LBU)

With a strong entrepreneurial culture and industry background, ACE Management invests in companies with high technology content, growing and able to play a role in structuring their business segment. The management team since the creation of Financière de Brienne in 1993, has invested in nearly 110 companies.


Bio Modeling Systems

BioModeling Systems

Bio-Modeling Systems is a S.A.S Company, incorporated in 2004 in Paris – France, privately owned by its founders, Manuel Géa and François Iris and member of BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization USA).

BMSystems is involved in predictive integrative biology. As a research-based biotech company, BMSystems creates CADI™ (Computer Assisted Deductive Integration) models with immediate applications generating highly attractive businesses, through contractual/collaborative research programs.


Auriga Partners

Auriga Partners

Auriga Partners is an independent Innovation Capital company, based in Paris. It invests equity in the Digital and Life Sciences fields, in innovative projects with high potential, from the initial development stage up to the international commercial expansion phase. Now in its fourth generation of funds, AURIGA Partners currently manages a total of more than €350 million, supporting and advising its portfolio companies notably regarding their international expansion and the structure of their management teams.

The team has backed several dozen projects which have achieved success in the form of M&A or IPOs, in particular: EVE (Synopsys), Neolane (Adobe), Novagali (Santen), Oxand (Latour), Amoeba (EuroNext), Cellnovo (EuroNext), Ekinops (EuroNext), Erytech (EuroNext), Genocea (Nasdaq), Implanet (EuroNext), Miliboo (AlterNext), Median (AlterNext), Supersonic Imagine (EuroNext), TxCell (EuroNext) and Wallix (AlterNext).


Participations Besançon

Participations Besançon is a family-owned property holdings company directed by Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Besançon. Its registered office is located in Paris. It currently invests in listed and unlisted companies in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sector, primarily French biotechnology companies.


GO Capital

GO Capital

GO Capital is an independent venture capital firm that manages over €170 million ($200M) and invests primarily in high-tech companies located in Western and Central France, in the fields of energy, the digital economy, life sciences and industry services. GO CAPITAL invests in companies via several funds (GO Capital Amorçage and Ouest Ventures), from their creation to their expansion worldwide, in order to boost their development. It now has 41 companies in its portfolio. The Ouest Ventures III fund, which invests in Pherecydes, brings together investors from the West of France, Bpifrance, the Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions, as well as banking partners (BNP Paribas, BPO, BPA, CIC Ouest, CM Arkea).


Omnes Capital

Omnes Capital

Omnes Capital is a major private equity and infrastructure player. With €3.6 billion ($4.3bn) in assets under management, Omnes Capital provides companies with the capital they need to finance their growth through three main service areas: venture capital, capital development & transmission and infrastructure. With 30 industrial divestitures and more than 10 IPOs in 18 years, the Omnes Capital risk capital team is one of the major players in France for financing innovative SMEs with expertise in both deep-tech and health. Omnes Capital was a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole until March 2012. Today, the company is fully owned by its employees. Omnes Capital signed the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


Fa Dièse

Fa Diese

Fa Dièse is a €30 million ($35.6M) venture capital fund gathering around forty general partners, all company directors, and funds from institutional investors including global reinsurance company SCOR. Fa Dièse' success is based on a mixture of the business angels’ philosophy and the standards of venture capital; it combines the sponsorship of experienced leaders, who share strong values and capitalize on the success of an entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur relationship, and a professional-standard investment structure with a long-term strategy starting at the seed phase. Since its incorporation in 2001, Fa Dièse has invested close to €18 million ($21.4M) in 43 companies in the digital, life sciences and industrial fields. Fa Dièse is a member of the AFIC (French Association of Investors for Growth) and member of the Entrepreneurs’ Funds Club.