Innovative biotechnologies: phages against bacterial infections

Pherecydes Pharma mentioned in Figaro Santé

Paper Figaro Santé

In an article about bacteriophages, the newspaper Figaro Santé (December 16, 2019) explains their antibacterial role and the interest that infectiologists have today for phagotherapy long forgotten in France.

Pherecydes Pharma is mentioned as "In France, [...] the only structure to identify, produce, purify and select the most efficient phages [...]".


The incredible story of bacteria killers

ARTE broadcast about bacteriophages

As part of its scientific programs, the ARTE channel broadcasted a fascinating history of phage therapy on November 2nd, 2019.

Since the discovery of bacteriophages by Félix d'Hérelle more than a century ago until the renewed interest for their use in Europe, we discover the challenges around this promising alternative to antibiotics, especially thanks to the research of Pherecydes Pharma.

To see (again) on until December 31st, 2019.


What is the biggest question facing your field?

Guy-Charles de La Horie

This is the question Guy-Charles de La Horie, CEO of Pherecydes Pharma, answered to for the scientific watch website

Discover his analysis in a context where the finalization of new antibiotics is increasingly difficult and the development of new treatments very expensive.


Pherecydes Pharma and BIOASTER join forces for the PhagUTI project


Romainville and Lyon, France, July 16, 2019

In order to explore the use of phage therapy to treat complicated urinary tract infections, Pherecydes Pharma and BIOASTER, the French Technology Research Institute (TRI) for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, announced the signing of a collaboration agreement.


Guy-Charles Fanneau de La Horie

Antibiotic resistance is a major health challenge in the years to come: 10 million people may die in 2050. New approaches are needed; Phage therapy represents the most promising hope. Pherecydes Pharma makes every effort to provide physicians and patients with effective treatments for the most serious bacterial infections.

Guy-Charles Fanneau de La Horie, Chief Executive Officer at Pherecydes Pharma


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