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Since 2007, Pherecydes Pharma has been developing an innovative therapeutic approach against resistant bacteria.

Our mission
  • Anti-microbial resistance (AMR), a slow tsunami!

    The constant threat of antibiotic resistance makes the development of treatments based on bacteriophages all the more important.

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  • Bacteriophages, natural bacteria-killing viruses

    Bacteriophages are harmless to human organisms and specifically kill bacteria in an ultra-targeted way.

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A promising therapy

  • Antibiotics are designed to destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Yet bacteria naturally have resistance mechanism, which has been reinforced over time by the excessive use, as it is still the case today, of antibiotics. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antibiotic resistance is the number one priority for global health.

  • 1 240 000

    deaths directly attributable to antibiotic resistance worldwide in 2019 according to a study published in “The Lancet


    years of research to fight against resistant bacteria

  • 10M

    deaths per year by 2050 due to antibiotic resistance according to WHO


    patents already filed by Pherecydes Pharma since its creation, some of which have been granted in the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia

Among the responses to this imminent threat, phagotherapy, which involves the use of natural viruses, or phages, represents the most promising hope for fighting against microbial infections.

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