New site of Pherecydes Pharma in Nantes

In March 2019, the company took possession of the premises where the BPF bacteriophage production, quality control and phagogram diagnostic laboratories will be installed, as well as new offices.

Ideally located south of the Isle of Nantes in a “medical-pharmaceutical research district” where the future University Hospital Center (CHU) will be implanted, the five-story Nantes Biotech building hosts a business incubator of biotechnology companies and an academic research unit on gene therapy.

In new premises, on 2 levels, will be installed the pharmaceutical manufacturing unit as well as administrative and operational management offices.

Pherecydes Pharma maintains its activity of research and development division in Ile de France within the Biocitech Park, 102 avenue Gaston Roussel, Pasteur Building, 93230 Romainville.

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