Pherecydes Pharma mentioned in Figaro Santé

In its issue of December 16, 2019, Le Figaro Santé devotes its article “These pathogens who want us good” to bacteriophages, explaining in particular how they destroy bacteria in a targeted manner.


The article mainly talks about the interest they arouse among infectiologists who are looking for alternatives to antibiotics that have become less effective.

We learn that patients with antibiotic-resistant infections are currently spending a lot of money to seek treatment in the Eastern Europe countries that have never given up phage therapy. But this does not correspond to French and European standards for medicines.

For Pr F. Laurent, microbiologist at the Hospices Civils de Lyon, “in France, Pherecydes Pharma is for the moment the only structure to identify, produce, purify and select the most efficient phages, according to good drug practices”.

Specialized research teams are hoping for official recognition of accessible and safe phage therapy in France so as to extend the application authorized today only for compational treatments.

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