Sciences & Avenir returns about phagotherapy

Six years after a first article about phagotherapy (see Sciences et Avenir n ° 795, May 2013), this article by Hervé Ratel (Sciences et Avenir n ° 868, June 2019, french content) returns on this technique developed a century ago by the French Félix d’Hérelle, and still used in Georgia.


Some desperate patients are still turning to this Caucasian state today to treat infections that are resistant to conventional antibiotherapy.

However, this too long neglected therapy raises in recent years a renewed interest in France through research and promising clinical trials.

Pherecydes Pharma, one of the innovative companies working on the subject, is now able to provide high quality phage to precisely treat each infection.

ANSM has recently created a scientific committee to study the feedback from Phagotherapy and its perspectives.