PhagoPROD, one of the first GMP manufacturing suites of bacteriophages in Europe

Since November 1st 2018, Pherecydes is benefiting from substantial financial support (€ 2.4 million) to set up a bacteriophage pharmaceutical production unit.

The PhagoPROD project (ID SEP-210493268) supported by a grant from the SME-Instrument (H2020 EIC-SME INSTRUMENT-2-2018-2020) of the European Commission aims at setting-up, optimizing and scaling-up our GMP manufacturing and GLP diagnostic (Phagogram) processes. The ultimate goal of PhagoPROD is to achieve large-scale commercialization and distribution of Pherecydes Pharma bacteriophages on the European Community territory.


PhagoPROD is addressing all existing technical, industrial and regulatory hurdles to reach the following milestones:

  • Be granted the “pharmaceutical” company status by the French medicinal regulatory agency (ANSM) for the GMP manufacturing site located in Nantes (France);
  • Become an authorized medical biology laboratory to deliver phagogram results obtained under GLP standards.

PhagoPROD will last 24 months and require hiring new competencies, invest in new equipment and acquire regulatory expertise to reach the outcomes. An overall budget of €3,7 million is planned including the €2.5 million European Commission grant (65% coverage). The company funds raised in December 2017 allow Pherecydes to self-finance the remaining 35%.

The PhagoPROD project has been especially selected by the European Commission to illustrate the "Health" topic of its "InvestEU" communication campaign.