Public financing

Since its inception, Pherecydes Pharma benefits of the financial support from various regional, national and European organizations.


European Commission, SME intrument Horizon H2020 program.


European Commission7th Framework Program for Research and Development (FP7);

DGA (Directorate General of Armaments) - a first RAPID-Duale grant, for the initial R&D to preclinical steps of the project (PACOBURNS).


DGA (Directorate General of Armaments) - a second RAPID-Duale grant for preclinical research up to clinical testing regulatory approval.


Ile-de-France Region and Seine-Saint-Denis Department, under the 18th FUI (Unique Intermininisterial Fund) call;

Bpifrance (French public bank of investment), for the future clinical trial planned in humans.

PHOSA also benefits from labeling by two French national clusters: Medicen Paris and Lyon Biopôle.

Seventh Framework Programme   DGA financement RAPID-Duale   Département Seine Saint-denis   Région Ile de France   Bpi France