All of our activities are subject to work in a confined biosafety level L2 environment. Staff must be able to comply with workplace safety rules, involving pathogenic and multi-resistant antibiotic strains.

For our research and development activities, based in Romainville, near Paris (France), the profiles we usually recruit are those of experts in microbiology, molecular biology or bioinformatics. Microbiologists with bacteriophage skills are particularly desirable. A working experience in an environment subject to high quality standards is a plus.

For our manufacturing unit based in Nantes (Ile de Nantes), the profiles usually recruited are experts in bioproduction or pharmaceutical diagnostics and / or in the development of processes related to the field. Being trained at work in an environment subject to high quality standards is mandatory: the employee is, in particular, familiar with European or North-American GMP standards. Experience in the production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, gene therapy, cell therapy or recombinant proteins is a plus. Mastering the bioproduction techniques of bacteriophages is ideal.